Box Clever Records Management

Tell me you don’t dream of having your records resemble a really big, well organized closet! Well keep reading, because it’s entirely possible.

Box Clever Records Management provides over 20 years of experience managing records for a variety of industries. Your records are safely stored in our secure facility, individually barcoded, indexed and accessible via an online client portal – Search, Index, Edit, Add, Retrieve, Refile, Destroy, it’s all available with minimal fuss.

Documents are can be retrieved using our fast and easy delivery service.

Fed up dealing with the big faceless companies, try Box Clever – you’ll be amazed with our professional and personalized service.

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We welcome customers from Solon, Chagrin Falls, Aurora, Twinsburg, Bainbridge, Auburn, Hunting Valley, Russell, Bedford, Beachwood, and the greater Cleveland area.